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We supply a variety of sanitary products in domestic and industrial sizes.

Our Brands include:

Broad Horizons


Wide Range of Products

We manufacture a wide range of top quality products that cater not only to domestic and general household needs, but also automotive cleaning, laundry and personal care. We can provide for the stringent requirements of the industrial and public sector.


Our brands range from Chem-Fresh, Lemo-Lux, Magic-Shine, Super-Soft, Magic-Clean and Super-Shine.


Our industrial packaging is well used by cleaning service companies in the automobile industries, premium companies and the property industry. We clean forecourts at Shell petrol stations with DEGREASER. Since the year 2003, we have been cleaning more than 100 forecourts which include Shell, Sasol, BP and EngenOur wealth of experience is our edge..


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